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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monitor Your Toddler’s Development and Be Proud

Watching your toddler’s development is a real challenge. But, this challenge is both fun and exciting as your child learns new things each day. But unfortunately, some parents tend to overlook their little kids. Some kids are left with their nannies or other family members while the parents work all day. This results to the lack of physical connection between the parents and the children. The toddler’s development is one of the milestones in the life of an individual. This is where a kid learns his first sentence and first steps.

There are various types of developments that you can expect from your toddler. One type of development is Cognitive Development. During this development, children remember the things that they see from adults as well as from their experiments. They also begin to rationalize things and make small decisions like which clothes they want to wear. This is most common on young toddlers.

When the toddler reaches the age of two, they will be able to walk up and down steps, run, start eating using spoon and fork and kick balls. These are signs that the child’s psychomotor development is in check. This is also the time when they need their parents the most. Toddlers tend to be physically active around the age of two. Allowing them to do more physical activities helps enhance your toddlers’ development. If your child shows a yearning to draw, give him crayons and papers. You can watch them scribble while teaching him the different colors and shapes.

Guidance is important to a toddler’s development. Without proper guidance, the toddler may acquire traits that can jeopardize their future. A toddler’s development is something that the parents should really monitor.

Having a kid is full of joy and challenges. You are responsible for their future, and mold them to become good member of the society in the years to come. A proper toddler’s development – cognitive, social, emotional and psychomotor - is essential in ensuring that your child excels in all aspects of life.

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