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Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Deal with Preschool Toddlers

Preschool toddlers are some of the most mischievous kids around. First of all what is a toddler? A toddler is a kid who is about one to three years of age. During this stage a child learns to walk, talk and gains greater mobility. Preschool toddlers are kids that are almost ready for school but are still too young.

Before attending school, parents should be the first teachers of a preschool toddler. This is a responsibility that a parent must carry in order for a child to learn and cope with the various activities in school. There are various things that a parent must teach in order for a child to do well in school.

Identifying objects, colors and shapes is one of the basic things you can teach preschool toddlers. When you teach your kids, make sure to create a fun learning experience. You may use edible materials such as shaped cookies and some food coloring to teach your kid to mix and match colors. Use visual aids such as the colourful posters which you can buy from local bookstore. Your kid will be able to master the different kinds of animals, shapes and objects by placing them inside their rooms.

Some parents attempt to teach their preschool toddler to count by asking them how old they are. Toddlers tend to imitate what they hear and remember what they see often. By repeating the numbers over and over again, soon your kid will know the sequence and repeat it by himself. You may also use building blocks and Lego to help them enhance their creativity. This activity also allows them to stimulate their spatial skills.

Teaching a preschool toddler can be very hard, especially if you have no time. But try spend some time to help your kids understand the basic things around him.

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