How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Child Behavior Modification - Learn it

Are you having difficulties talking to your toddlers? Do you feel like it is very impossible to make them listen to you? Yes, it is really hard to control the feelings of toddlers. Child Behavior Modification is so tough. There are moments that yelling at them is not enough. But stop worrying, because there you can still let your kids behave the way you want them through proper child behavior modification.

To improve the behavior of your toddlers, you may use a technique of therapy or punishment. Unless the behaviors to be changed are understood within a specific context, consultation and therapy cannot be effective. Before performing the child behavior modification, a functional behavioral assessment is what you need. It is the process of understanding behavior in context. Positive behavior support for children is formed in this method.

When child behavior modification is properly applied, strategies can result in fairly rapid behavior change; more appropriate and fewer inappropriate behaviors. Greater clarity of understanding between you and your children and less stress and conflict in household are also expected. But applying this child behavior modification can also have dangers. Too rigid approach to the child can have significant negative impact on your relationship. You need to understand both of you well to effectively apply behavior modification techniques. If you don't find ways to balance both the positive and negative reinforcement, you will probably over apply one or the other.

Some people have criticized the level of training required to perform behavior modification procedures, especially those which are restrictive that leads to punishments. Some want to limit such restrictive procedures only to the licensed psychologist or counselors. Others still desire to create an independent practice of analyzing the behavior through licensure to offer consumers choices between proven techniques and unproven ones. Experts are not saying that you have to apply all these child behavior modification techniques to your every child. Choose one that best fit your situation so you can discipline them accordingly. What matters is that you can show your care and love to your children despite some disciplinary actions you give them.


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