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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What are the Early Signs of Autism and How to Deal with It

Autism is a composite brain disorder that usually appears during the early years of life. The early signs of autism include inability to talk, play and interact fully with other people. Some shows mild impairment while others are really suffering in dealing with obstacles in life. The early signs of autism in toddlers can be seen as early as early as 12 to 24 months and as late as 3 years old. For those under 3 years of age, there are special laboratory tests to be conducted to be able to know if they are suffering from this disorder.

The Signs of Autism

Toddlers not smiling since 6 months of age.

Not using any gestures until 12 months.

Not saying anything until 16 months.

Cannot say any 2 word phrases until 24 months

Inability to communicate and interact with other children after 24 months of age.

Inability to have eye contact with you and with other kids of his age.

As a parent, you want to give the best to your child, but you should also be aware, that the signs of autism can be perfectly seen when he’s 3 years old. He needs to undergo an autism screening quiz to be able to analyze his situation. It is important to know and understand your child’s situation for you to know how to take care of him. There are certain foods that cannot be given to children who show signs of autism.

Most of these children are sensitive to the taste and texture of foods. Gluten is the number one NO for their taste buds. Rice, wheat, meat fish and vegetables are the best for these people. When you see early signs of autism to your toddlers, it’s better to have them go through adequate test right away.


  1. Check out the link below for a scientific study looking at the effectivenss of gluten-free diets in reducing the symptoms of autism. The results do not support the use of this diet.

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  3. Um, wheat = gluten...

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