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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Create Motivating Activities for Toddlers

The best activities for toddlers should be fun and educational. You have to remember that at this is the stage, child adopts all things that happen around him. This is also the best time to allow your child into different activities. These activities help the child develop his motor skills and social roles since they start to play with other children. Activities for toddlers are mostly free and spontaneous.

Toddlers usually play with the furniture, dishes, cooking utensils, play telephone, puzzles with large pieces, pedal propelled toys, rocking horse, finger paints, pounding toys and balls. Activities for toddlers must be geared toward the development of their strength, ability, muscle and wellness. To engage your child in this kind of activity here are few things to follow:

Developing their muscles

Prepare colorful scrap paper and a small hole puncher. Your toddler will use the puncher as this develops his hand grip muscles and also provides some colorful fun. To stimulate hand-eye coordination, play the “bean bag toss.” Throw, bounce and kick a ball to help stimulate arm-leg muscle development.

Language and Cognitive Skills

Activities for toddlers include walking around the park and encouraging him to pick up interesting objects that he finds along the way. Ask him to open questions about what he observed on the objects he picked. Then, help him study by letting him feel and discuss the things he collected.

Listening and Memory Skills

Activities for toddlers to sharpen his mind must be played. Play a memory or matching game such as "Simon Says." It helps with your toddler's listening skills.

Creative Expansion
Let him play with clay dough, or let her help you in baking cookies. Give him pencil and paper, let him draw, color and paint. Let him listen to a variety of music and allow him to dance along with the music.

Stimulating activities for toddlers are easier than you think. It only requires your attention, guidance and creativity.


  1. Toddlers are fun if you see them for who they are and not mini adults that should know better. Enjoy them while they are learning.

  2. Kids really having fun with games, toddlers educational games are motivating them a lot.



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