How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stages of Development in Toddlers

There are various stages of development in toddlers. A child is called a toddler when he starts to walk. This is a very important stage in a child’s life and to the parents. The development in toddlers must be monitored carefully. This is the stage between infanthood and childhood. It is the stage where children learn to talk, stand on their own, walk and socialize with others.

The toddler stage is characterized by growth, mood swings and a lot of negative responses. Toddlers tend to be more will than skill. This results in misbehavior and often times, frustrations. At this stage of development in toddlers, their curiosity about their surroundings is at its peak. They also become more self-centered as they become more concerned with their own needs.

Toddlers usually get frustrated because they do not have the skills to express themselves. They have a very hard time separating themselves from their parents. Toddlers want to do things their own way and when you interrupt, they tend to over react.

Development in toddlers is fun, puzzling yet fulfilling. It is fun to watch your little ones learning new things and exploring their new world. But, it really is puzzling because they ignore your instructions and do things the way they want.

By understanding the development in toddlers, you and your kids can enjoy each other’s company without much conflict. However, some parents just can’t cope with the development in toddlers. Some tend to get angry all the time without even understanding the root of a tantrum. Kids will be kids. They are wild, curious and mischievous. You have to accept the fact that your little bundle of joy is growing up. Toddlers want to explore the world and enjoy themselves. Always remember that this is just a phase in the lives of your kids and it is temporary.

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