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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun Activities for Toddlers That You Can Do at Home

Toddlers are very lively and mischievous individuals. They can’t stay at one place and tend to experiment a lot. Finding fun activities for toddlers is essential to the growth and development of your child. If you do your research you can find that parents have various ingenious ideas to keep the little ones occupied. They devised various activities for toddlers that entertains the kids as well as teach them important lessons.

Watching TV is one of the good activities for toddlers. By watching television, kids can learn about their environment, identify shapes, appreciate music and sing songs. But be careful because not all programs are appropriate to your child. Choose only quality programs that have a very good reputation. Choose TV programs that are children-friendly.. You can join them to explain things as they watch the children’s programs.

Connecting the dots is one of those activities for toddlers that can help them in recognize and write letters. You can try using a map and putting dots in a pattern of letters. The kids will connect the dots and then form letters. This is just a simple activity, but this is a good start in introducing to introduce toddlers in writing.

Activities for toddlers need not be confined to just writing letters or numbers. You can also teach your child about different shapes by preparing a shape hunt activity. The goal is for your child to find all the shapes that are scattered all over the house. Cut out shapes and place them in various places in the house. Do this regularly and your child will memorize shapes in no time.
Activities for toddlers are not just for kids. Parents will also have fun teaching their kids in this manner since they have both have great moments together.

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