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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Potty Training in Toddler Made Easy

Potty training in toddler is not easy. It requires great amount of patience because you will be training a child who hardly understand instructions. Since it’s a challenging task for parents, some parents just give up and continue to use diapers. This is fine for the first few years but, every kid must learn to be independent at one point or another. There are various books where you will read that potty training in toddler is fun and exciting. This is explained by the fact that this is a milestone in a parent’s journey along with their kids.

The first step in potty training is to determine if your kid is physically ready for some toilet training. There are various signs that will tell you that the kid is ready. One sign is the ability to control bowel movements. If your child can stay dry for hours and can follow simple instructions then he is ready for some toilet training.

Potty training a toddler is certainly a tedious task. You must be patient and observant to how your child is behaving. You should determine if your kid is following or understanding the instructions correctly. Keep in mind that they are just discovering the world around them. Not all children learn at the same speed and level. To slowly introduce toilet training, take your kids to a store where you will buy the potties. You should let your kids choose what potty chair they want. This encourages them to be excited in using the potty chair and make them feel at ease.

When you are potty training your toddler, accidents may happen so always monitor your kid. You must also be quick and ready for cleanups since toddlers may tend to play with their own refuse. This is a nasty job, but someone has to do it. Detergents and anti bacterial solutions should be in your shopping list when you are going to start potty training your toddler. Bacteria and germs tend to spread easily when not cleaned properly. When some of your kids’ refuse gets spilled, clean it up quickly to avoid the spread of germs.

With the proper knowledge, patience and materials, potty training your toddler can be fun, educational and fulfilling.

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