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Friday, October 2, 2009

Know Your Child’s Height Using Toddler Height Predictor

Height is an important factor in a child’s physical growth and development. This is the reason why parents are starting to be concerned about their kids’ height. Parents are using a toddler height predictor to estimate their children’s future height. A toddler height predictor is a parent’s best tool in finding out how tall their kids will be in the future.

If you search online, there are various websites that offer toddler height predictor tools. There are lots of factors affecting a child’s height. Such factors include hereditary, nutrition and sleep. A toddler height predictor is just a tool which uses a mathematical equation to forecast the possible height increase of a child. This does not in any way affects your child’s growth.

To estimate your child’s height, you have to double your child’s height at age 2. The result gives you the approximate height of your kid when he reaches the age of 8. Another way to predict a child’s height is by taking the average height of both parents. However, this is usually within the two to four inches margin of error.

Height is greatly influenced by genes, nutrition and the pituitary gland. Children that have some hormonal imbalances or were subjected to intense medication tend to be shorter than others. This reason explains why some kids are vertically challenged even if their parents are tall.

Height affects one’s self-esteem and it is unfortunate that not everybody is given with a towering height. It is also true that a person’s growth stops at a certain age so growth must be maximized at an early age. If you are really concerned about your child’s height then use the toddler height predictor.

By using the toddler height predictor, you can make adjustments to your child’s diet and activities to promote growth. This serves as your guidelines to see if your child needs additional supplements to boost his growth.


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