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Friday, October 9, 2009

What are the Right Toys for Toddlers?

Kids love toys. There are lots of toys for toddlers in the market today. But, not all are safe for your kids. Parents should choose wisely when looking for toys for toddlers. Some toys may not be suitable for kids because of its small parts as well as the materials that were used.

Think of toys for toddlers as investments. These are investments in education, skill development and mental development. Educational toys are toys that can teach your toddler ABC’s and 123’s. These are also the toys that teach your child how to recognize shapes and objects. Some educational toys are designed for problem solving. An example is stacking blocks and simple puzzles. These toys for toddlers enhance the mental ability of the child.

Skill development is important for every individual. By finding toys for toddlers that aid in the skill development of a child, you can give your toddler an edge over other kids. Toys with turning screws, play sets, balls, role playing toys and toy cars are activity toys that you can give your child. Activity toys help in enriching your child’s imagination as well as bridging the gap between the adult world and the kids’ world.

Kids love imitating adults, especially their parents. The problem is that it is not safe for toddlers to play with things that are made for grown-ups. Children will learn how to use these things by giving them various toys for toddlers that are replicas of the usual things that grown-ups use. You can have fun with your child while you teach them how to use these stuffs. A doctor play set allows your child to imitate what real doctors do. A toy car and toy garage set can train the next Michael Schumacher. Studies showed that toys are essential to the development of a child. So choose the toys that you give your toddler.


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